Advice From Travel Expert Andrew Berke Can Put You On Path Toward Memorable Vacation

andrew berkeHave you been before?” “Where did you stay?” “What was the weather like?” These are but three questions any proactive traveler would know to ask – and asking ahead of time is the smartest thing travelers can do. While you can certainly ask people who’ve visited destinations before you, chances are that their knowledge will be limited to the places they saw and experiences they had. A travel guide and industry expert, on the other hand, can bring you up-to-speed on all aspects of your destination so you know when to go, how to get there, where to stay and what to see. That’s exactly what Andrew Berke can offer you and as you’ll see below retaining the advice of a travel advisor could be the best decision you make.

A recent article from The Huffington Post summed it up best: A travel advisor is like a tour guide. “Most desperate vacation-seekers take the knee jerk reaction of heading online to make their reservations,” a professional travel agent wrote as a part of an explanation of their services. “The lure of internet convenience and control quickly turns into confusion, indecisiveness and anxiety not to mention a huge time suck.” This is the pitfall that Andrew Berke wants to warn future travelers of. While it’s entirely possible to plan a trip online – booking your own flight, figuring out how to travel to destinations and securing affordable lodging – unexpected things happen abroad. This means two things, which are both addressed in The Huffington Post piece: You have an expert on your side you will read the fine print and help you out with refunds should something unfortunate occur and the time you save by retaining an expert travel advisor can be put toward researching which international landmarks you’d like to see overseas.

At the end of the day, travel is a combination of getting around safely and making the best decisions during the process. It doesn’t matter where the destination is, says Andrew Berke, as you’ll still be doing many of the same processes. That’s why it makes even more sense to retain a travel advisor. Even if this person hasn’t seen Rome, Beijing or Anchorage, Alaska in person, that doesn’t mean they can’t find you the most affordable airfare, hotel rates and transportation to top tourist destinations. Plus, you’ll still have the final say of what bookings will be made and when.