Berke Says Plenty Of Factors To Weigh When Making Spring Break Destination Decisions

Andrew M. BerkeLike doing things last-minute? Then splurging on a sudden spring getaway could be the best use of time and money you’ll make in the next few weeks. Why make major moves in spring? For starters, you’ll avoid the crush of summer travel season. That means cheaper airline tickets and being able to avoid the standing-room-only crowds at airports across the country. It’s also just generally nicer out so you’ll similarly be able to steer clear of standing in long lines under a sweltering sun. These are just a few reasons why travel expert Andrew M. Berke is an ardent supporter of spring getaways. In this article, Andrew Berke will break down some of the most popular destinations and reasons why a visit in April and May is far better than in July or August.

The Other Savanna: Not to be confused with Georgia’s landmark city, Savanna in Illinois has plenty to offer travelers who wish to stay domestic. According to, travelers may want to wait until May for the most pleasant weather. “The warm season lasts for 4.1 months, from May 18 to September 21, with an average daily high temperature above 74 degrees Fahrenheit,” the website states. Per the Daily Herald newspaper, Savanna is also know as a premier destination for bicycle enthusiasts and motorcyclists alike. This is attributed to easy access to scenic roadways near the Mississippi River for the latter group and 60 miles of trails for the former.

Namesake Getaway: Andrew M. Berke knows that a great many spring trekkers are college students on break. For those folks who are headed en masse to beach resorts, the Huffington Post has no shortage of advice for such destinations as well as packing light when heading to “can’t miss” destinations. Cancun, the Mexican city that’s ubiquitous with spring break, can be had for less than $600 for a three-night stay by taking advantage of certain deals noted by the Huffington Post. USA Today adds that Cancun is at the very end of its top-25 list of spring break destinations, with New York City at the top. Andrew Berke says the city you visit is up to you; the crux here is avoiding the summer crowds.

Ways to Stay: In another recent USA Today article, a study conducted by the lodging booking company Airbnb found that only 10 percent of Americans were leaving the country for spring break. The study, Andrew M. Berke points out, surveyed 1,003 adults and Paris, France was the only international location that “made the top 10 list of spring break destinations.” Conversely, the study found that locations within the U.S. and near a beach were far more popular. Again, Andrew Berke points out that the destination is up to the traveler but he has no shortage of expert advice to help future travelers make a decision.